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27 June 2006 

Chitika eMiniMalls

If you follow my journal, you might probably already know that my application for Google AdSense has been turned down.

Well, I was upset, but I wasn't that surprised though. It's all my own stupid fault that got banned by Google AdSense before. I guess once you got banned, you will be banned forever.

While I lost the chance to make money from Google AdSense's pay per click ads, Chitika gave me a great chance. Chitika eMiniMalls works just like Google AdSense, you get pay when someone clicks on the ad, the difference is, Chitika's ad has product picture.

I have heard a lot of good and bad things about Chitika, but I want to be positive and give it a good try.

Darren Rowae at ProBlogger makes great money from Chitika every month, he seems very happy with Chitika, I'm going to post his links here, great posts, great tips, we should all check them out!

Chitika eMinimalls Review (28 September 2005)

Chitika eMiniMalls - How Much Do They Earn Me? (5 October 2005)

Chitika eMiniMalls Tips (14 October 2005)

By the way, ProBlogger is a great place where provides whole lot of tips and info for people who want to make money through blogging.

And, I'm going to check out Joel Comm's Chitika eMiniMalls Secrets now.

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OT: Surprising News

Robert (my loving husband) just phoned me this noon from Winnipeg. The company he is working for will pay my flight ticket and expenses, so I can be with Robert to finish his trip together. Which means I'll fly to Winnipeg this Thursday or Friday then come back next month around 20th.

I was so very surprised. I'm not that kind of person when someone calls and I'm ready to go. I really hate that idea actually, I like to have things well planed and I like to know things in advance so I can plan everything else accordingly. Now, I only have one day to get everything done, the biggest thing is our doggy son Charlie.

When I'm away from home, I don't like to work on internet, well, we do have a laptop and most hotels all have internet access, but I like to use my own computer at my own home office, so when I'm away I don't even bother to turn on our laptop. So the point here is, I probably won't work on my blogs and my affiliate business for the next month. Well, we'll see how things are going, I just got everything started, I don't want to kill them just because I have to be away for a month, I will do my best!


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Back To The Basic

After a slow week, I'm about to do something for my online affiliate business. Just before putting up a Google AdWords ad, I have a second thought.

Well, both Smart Olive and The Dog Talk have good traffic everyday, although I do exactly the same thing to promote the blogs, both blogs' visitors are totally from different places. For The Dog Talk, almost 100% of visitors are from Google Search, as for Smart Olive, most visitors are from Blog Directories and some of them are from WAHM board.

While I have new visitors everyday for both my blogs is great, but it's also a problem, I have no return visitors. This is not a good sign at all.

In order to get the most out of my traffic, I need to build up my own list. So this week, I'm going to postpone my Google ad, and go back to work on the basic, hope I can get a lead capture page done this week, well, maybe by the end of next week.

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